Famous Cats From Around The World

Famous Cats From Around The World

While the onset of August may herald the tail-end of summer (cat pun 100% intended), it also brings with it one of my personal favorite holidays of the year – International Cat Day! Established in 2002 by the International Fund For Animal Welfare, International Cat Day takes place every year on August 8th. Cat lovers worldwide are encouraged to take a moment to lavish their kitty companions with the affection (you know, as if that weren’t an hourly ritual as it is anyway), and bask in the glory of the collective feline consciousness. How you celebrate ICD is completely up to you, whether you choose to blow upwards of $50 on a new cat tree for your furbaby or donate some time or money to your local ASPCA, making the most of this cat-centric celebration is a great way to get in touch with your inner crazy cat lady/gentleman.

Since this holiday is meant to honor the feline forces in our lives, what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge some world famous kitty beans? Yes, my dear fellow feline fanatics, let us take a moment to recognize some famous cats from all over the globe who have made the world a better place. From Japan, to Denmark, to Seattle, here are some famous catbabies who have brought an incomparable amount of joy to our cat crazy hearts!

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Grumpy Cat

Grumpycat 1Image via: Official Grumpy Cat Website

If you’re not well-acquainted with the rising stardom of internet famous cats, you may at least know about Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat. In 2011, Miss Tardar Sauce’s picture was posted to Reddit and, in a manner most befitting of Reddit, many users saw her downturned little mug and cried “fake”. After that, videos and photos followed which proved that no, her grumpy little face was not photoshopped – she actually looks like that. Could you imagine being so adorable that you blow minds all over Reddit and beyond? I was #blessed enough to meet this perfect visage during a book signing in Phoenix, Arizona a few years ago, and honestly, it took every fiber of my being not to cry because SWEET JESUS this cat is adorable.


MaruImage via: Maru’s Facebook Page

In Japanese, the word “maru” literally means “round”, and few cats are as “round” as our moon-faced friend, Maru! This exquisite Scottish Fold is the 2016 Guinness World Record holder for most YouTube videos viewed of a single animal. His videos have been viewed a cumulative 325 million times and counting, and it’s no mystery as to why. In his hit video, A box and Maru, our hero tackles one of his biggest struggles – trying to fit into a box that is slightly too small for him. Will he succeed? Spoiler alert – he does… kind of. Great job, Maru!

Lil Bub

LilbubImage via: Lil Bub’s Facebook

You knew it was coming, guys – I can’t very well do a list of famous cats without mentioning our queen, Lil Bub. In contrast to Grumpy Cat’s underbite, Lil Bub’s got herself a teeny lil’ overbite and a sweet little tongue blep that could easily bring about world peace if everyone would just stop yelling long enough to look at it. Look at the tongue blep! It will cure you of all that ails you! Lil Bub’s human, Mike Bridavsky, refers to her as “the most amazing cat on the planet”, and I mean honestly, how could he be wrong? Bub also boasts a line of toys, clothes and chachkas available to the Bub-sessed on her website, which, yes, I subscribe to, and you should, too!

Monty Boy

MontyImage via: Monty’s Facebook

Speaking of uncommon-looking kitties, let’s venture over to Denmark, to my sweet boy Monty. Monty was born without a nasal bridge due to chromosome abnormalities, causing his eyes to look extremely wide-set and his nose to appear flat and wide – and honestly, friends, I am obsessed with this cat. Obsessed. Like, sign me up. Not only is Monty skyrocketing through the cuteness meter, but his sweet, laidback manner makes him all the more endearing. With his cat-ch phrase (see what I did there?) “Looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic!”, Monty is an ambassador for “different”-looking cats and humans alike. I LOVE AND SUPPORT EVERYTHING YOU DO, PRECIOUS CAT BEAN. You can follow my boy Monty’s adventures at @monty_happiness on Instagram.

Other Instagram Famous Cats You Should Follow

Since we’re talking Instagram, wanna fill up your IG feed with even more cuteness? Of course you do. I’ve got some cats for ya who are famous on the ‘gram, and once you check them out, you’ll easily see why.

Albert with his Catgenie

To start off, how do you feel about Munchkin cats? What’s a Munchkin cat, you ask? HO BOY. Munchkins are a type of cat who are born with extremely short little leggies, and our friends at @albertbabycat are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Enjoy the heart palpitations, dear reader, as you journey through endless pictures of 2 of the most perfect beings on this earth. You are so welcome.

BrimleyImage via: Brimley’s Facebook

Are smiley little snowballs your bag? Guess what. Brimley the cat’s got you covered. Imagine like, a snowman, who’s also a cat, but like, a cartoon cat who’s got the floopiest cat-jowls you’ve ever seen in your LIFE. That’s Brimley, and she was rescued from a Persian and Himalayan shelter in Seattle. Show this cat some love and you will not be disappointed.

oliver tacoImage via: Oliver Taco’s Facebook

Last but certainly not least, if you’re a fan of Taco Tuesday, why not have tacos every day?! Oliver Taco and his new baby brother Simba are a pair of gorgeous ginger gentleman who will be sure to woo you immediately. Oliver Taco offers all the joys of tacos minus the spicy 2 am regret when you realize you’re not 17 anymore and can’t pack away 12 tacos in one sitting. Thank you, Oliver!

Now that you’ve got a list of little cat-beings to follow, you can be sure to enjoy International Cat Day to it’s fullest extent. And if you have cats of your own, don’t forget to show them some love, too! Maybe even start up an Instagram for them to show the world how perfect they are.











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