4 Inspirational Famous Cats With Disabilities

4 Inspirational Famous Cats With Disabilities

Special needs kitties may need a little extra TLC, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happy and capable, with so much to offer! A few months ago, we offered you some tips on how to care for cats with disabilities. Today, we’re back to highlight four famous special needs felines, and share a few videos of their cute antics that became viral sensations online.

OSKAR: The Blind Cat

Way back in 2011, Oskar the blind cat (at that time, the blind kitten!) became an Internet sensation. His human family found him living on a farm: Oskar was the last of his litter, and he was born without fully-formed eyeballs – a genetic disorder known as microphthalmia. His humans quickly fell for him and took him back to his now forever home. At first, they were worried he’d have trouble adapting to his new home due to his disability – but they needn’t have worried!

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Oskar quickly learned the layout of his home, developed a bromance with their other cat Klaus, and grew up to be a happy, healthy cat. To help him out, his human family only needs to give him toys that make noise – like balls with bells or crinkle-toys. Otherwise, he’s a perfectly normal cat – his human family says guests have even visited without realizing Oskar is completely blind! Oskar’s family has used his fame to help other special needs kitties find homes.


Check out Oskar and Klaus’ YouTube channel for even more adorable videos!


Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, also known as Roux on Two, was born with only two legs. She was surrendered to an animal shelter in New Orleans, LA, due to her disabilities – apparently because she couldn’t bury her waste in the litter box.  She caught the attention of Jackie Deak Akey, a veterinary clinic worker who loved her at first sight and adopted her immediately. Jackie says Roux is a capable cat who’s worked out how to do everything she needs to with only two legs! Jackie shares adorable Roux with the world through her own Facebook page, Instagram, even a stuffed animal – and uses Roux’s fame to show that those with disabilities can accomplish just as much as those without.

MONTY: Born with Chromosome Abnormalities

Monty was born with some chromosomal abnormalities that caused a sunken nasal bridge and bladder defect. The sunken nasal bridge gives his face its unique appearance and means one of his nostrils is much tinier than the other – sometimes, he has to have a sneezing fit to clear out the smaller nostril. His family found him in a shelter when he was 3 years old – while his face caught their attention, it was his loving and fearless attitude that captured their hearts. Since Monty has captivated the Internet, his family has used the attention to promote acceptance of animals and people who might look a little different, and also raise money in support of shelter animals and spay/neuter solutions.

ANAKIN: The Two Legged Miracle

Four years ago (or so!), the Internet discovered Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat. Anakin was born without a pelvis or his back two legs, but Carrie Hawks (fantasy cat artist and his human mom) says this has never slowed him down! Featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Dare to Look!, Ripley balances on his front legs, holding them around his middle, and uses his big, floofy tail as a counterbalance. He was discovered as a kitten and part of a feral cat colony near Carrie’s dad’s workplace – she trapped him and brought him home. Despite his disability, Anakin has no problem zooming around, climbing his cat tree, or using the litter box. You can find Anakin on nearly every social media network, inspiring people with his full-throttle life – and he even has his own YouTube channel!

We hope you enjoyed getting to meet these amazing felines! Each one has a real gift to give the world – laughter, joy, and loving families who can take advantage of those things to help promote acceptance and care for other animals. Now, hit the comments and share your favorite special cats with us! We’d love to meet them.


  1. I have two wonder kitties. The first was found at two years old. She is completely blind, it was a 90 degree July day and she found shelter for her kittens in a pet carrier on a shelter workers porch! That began my love for the amazingness of blind cats. In October I adopted Brandine, a one month old blind kitten that was born with backwards back legs. She is my wild child. Her multiple disabilities don’t slow her down one bit! She runs so fast on two legs and gets into everything. She has no idea that life should be any other way. I also have two special needs pups. All can be seen on their Instagram account thebeardogsandwonderkitties

  2. I have six special needs kitties plus four with CH! They are amazing and inspire me every day! ❤️

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