Popular Gifts That Are Bad for Cats

Popular Gifts That Are Bad for Cats

Thinking of gifting your cat-loving bestie this year? First of all, kudos for being a thoughtful friend. Second, before you launch into the general ‘go-to’ gifts that most people assume are feline-friendly, consider that the gifts of yesteryear are often not encouraged due to danger hazard or other reasons.  Yes, just as children of the 80’s thought they could trust the ice cream man, cat toys and gifts have evolved to consider both the feline’s health and wellness, as well as the sensitivity of the owner. Read on to learn more about giving wisely this holiday season.

Big No-Nos: Toys With Ribbon, Yarn, or String

The image of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn is familiar to all of us. What kitty doesn’t love an endless trail of soft string to wrap themselves in and roll around? However, you might notice that modern cat toys contain little or no string. In fact, if they do, they come with a strict warning to monitor your cat while he’s playing with it. Why? Because if ingested, string, yarn, rubber bands, or any kind of soft material can get stuck in the intestines and create blockages. Additionally, plastic bags and toys small enough to ingest should always be kept far from kitty. They can easily choke on a plastic bag, as well as smaller toys.

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To Bell or Not to Bell…

Many cat toys and collars often come with bells attached. While this might seem like a fun treat for your cat, many (just like you) don’t enjoy the constant clatter of bells. In addition, in a home with more than one cat (and they all sport bells on their collars), this noise maker might not go down so well. Take care to understand the sensitivities of your friend’s cat. Is he a spritely young kitten with bountiful energy? Or is he an older cat that might prefer the soft comfort of a new throw? Most cats enjoy interacting with their humanoid family members. Gifts such as the Neko Fly cat toy allow them time to both bond with their human and chase a multitude of aerodynamic, bug-like toys.

Positive Gift Choices for the Modern-Day Cat Lover

Cat-lovers are often deemed ‘crazy,’ which many cat parents find offensive. Let’s drop the crazy and bring in the cool with sophisticated, feline-inspired accoutrement for your friend who is intelligent enough to adore cats. If you’re looking for safe and fun gifts for your friend’s cat, there are a myriad of incredible choices out there. Cat beds are taking on a whole new modernist look with this Becozi chunky knit cat bed. For a more psychedelic style choice, this LED cat lamp will light any room and lull your lil’ fuzz to sleep. Need some cat-spiration throughout your day? This origami necklace is both classy and cute; the perfect gift for your feline-loving friends.

Remember, gone are the days of the clichéd cat toy or gift. Cat lovers everywhere are suave and sophisticated. They also care about the well-being of their favorite feline. The wealth of options out there show just how much people love their cats. Now you can show your appreciation by gifting something unique and safe!

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