Ask Carlos: Help with Separation Issues

Ask Carlos: Help with Separation Issues

Dear Carlos,

I’ve had my CatGenie for about 6 months and I noticed during the drying cycle the CatGenie will start to smell bad. This has only happened twice but I’m concerned I could be doing something wrong.  Any idea why this is happening?

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Thank you!

– Norma

Thank you for the question, Norma.

Unfortunately, you unit is experiencing what the humans call a separation issue. Your unit is missing solid waste during the cycle and the waste is getting dried at the end, resulting in the smell.  A separation issue could be caused by one of two things.

1.) Your cat’s stool is soft.  We see this happen with younger kittens, senior cats or cats who are prone to diarrhea. Try running the unit on Cat Activation with a 30 minute delay to give your cat’s waste more time to solidify.  You can also try upgrading your cat’s food.  Food that is grain free with real proteins can help harden their poop.

2.) You could be experiencing a technical issue.  If you notice the smell after adjusting your settings, I would recommend calling the humans at customer support (888-735-3927) They can run a few quick trouble shooting steps over the phone to determine if your unit needs a repair, replacement part or maybe even a minor adjustment.

The good news is it is easy to fix if caught in time.  If you’re home and notice missed poop, just press the start pause button and remove the piece, then resume the cycle.  If you don’t catch it in time, you can run an extra cycle after it finishes to get rid of the smell.  Fresh Scent solution works best in this case.

Hope this helps,



  1. Lois Hoover

    What is the best way to set up 2 CatGenies in the same room? Is there a trick to how the water connection is made? My intent in having 2 of them for my 3 cats was so that one was available when the other was going through its cleaning cycle. This doesn’t happen though. The 2 units end up running at the same time, which can cause a power surge, & stop them from running at all. I’d appreciate any advice I can get.

    • Thank you for your question. How do you have the units running? You can try setting them to run automatically on a timer, but at two different times. For example, one unit can run at 6am and 6pm, while the other runs at 8am and 8pm or whatever works best for your household.

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