Top 5 Cat Stories of 2017

Top 5 Cat Stories of 2017

By now most of us have gotten back into the swing of things after the holiday season, and already ruined our lofty 2018 resolutions.  Now that the dust has settled and the confetti’s been swept up, it’s time to focus on what really matters; cats, and what they’ve been up to. What better way to honor the past year than by celebrating all the monumental cat stories that have taken place? Let’s begin our journey through 2017: A Year In Review… Of Cats.

Cats In Houston

Last year, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and displaced hundreds of thousands of people – and their pets. On August 28th, a lucky group of 6 lost kitties were found and rescued from the torrential downpour. They were brought to a local animal shelter where they were patched up and given some much needed love, care, and rest from the natural disaster. Thanks to the heroic residents of Texas, these babies and many other pets were rescued and brought to safety!

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Nomadic Kitty

Speaking of rescued cats, one very lucky rescue cat named Willow got to explore Australia last year with her dad, Rich East. Willow and East have been traveling in a camper van for nearly 3 years! “It’s been so much fun sharing our adventures with the world. It makes me so happy when someone messages me and says that they saw our photos and it brighten their day. It gives me the motivation to keep on doing what we are doing”, says East. To make sure she stays safe, he usually keeps a tracking device on Willow while they are traversing the lands of Australia. Way to go, Willow! Living the dream!

Walking The Catwalk

Since we’ve got a “rescue” theme going here, let’s check in with one very special kitty indeed – Chloe! Young Chloe was rescued from suspected abuse which left her little hind leggies paralyzed. Poor bean! But don’t worry, baby Chloe is doing very well, thanks to her first acupuncture treatment in March of 2017! Due to the nature of her injuries, Chloe will need a lot of continual care and treatments, but her amazing response to acupuncture therapy means there is a lot of hope for this perfect little princess! Just look at her snoozing on her little alpaca toy. Have you ever seen anything so sweet? We’re rooting for you, Chloe!

Musya The Hog Mom

Lots of precious baby cats were rescued in 2017, but a few special cats also did some saving themselves! One heroic kitty in particular named Musya “adopted” a little family of baby hedgehogs! The orphaned babies were found at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia. The hoglets were so young, in fact, that they hadn’t even been weaned yet. That’s where Musya The Wondermom stepped in. Having just taken care of a litter of baby foster kittens, Musya fed and cared for the baby hedgehogs like they were her very own. Well done, Musya!

Kitten Forever

Kitten Forever, like, the band? Close! But a bit furrier, and with 4 teeny weeny little baby paws! S’mores the cat is 2 years old now, but maintains the appearance of an 8 week old kitten, and 2017 was her best year yet! When little S’mores was just a wee baby thing, she suffered brain damage from having a cat carrier accidentally dropped on her head, which left her unable to care for herself and progress normally in her development into adulthood. Vets weren’t sure if she would pull through, but The Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts refused to give up on her. They kept her hooked up to a feeding tube for quite some time. She was immobile and unresponsive, and the prognosis wasn’t good, but that didn’t stop her! Slowly but surely, S’mores began showing signs of life, and a willingness to overcome her obstacles. She has made a full recovery, but maintains her kitten-like appearance. We can’t wait to see what you get up to in 2018, baby girl!

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As you can see, 2017 was an eventful year indeed for our precious furry babies! Whether they were busy overcoming seemingly impossible situations, traveling the world, or lending a helping paw to a group of orphaned baby hedgehogs, these precious kitties were out there making 2017 a better, furrier place. Here’s to seeing all the wonderful cat stories of 2018!

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