How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Cat

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Cat

If you’re like me, the closest thing to earning any sort of intimate attention on V-Day was that one time you made eye contact with a stranger as you shamelessly stuffed a half-dozen Celeste frozen pizzas into your shopping basket and immediately scuttled away. Pretty hot and heavy, right? But this year, why not go all out and celebrate this consumerist holiday with that special someone in your life who really means the most to you? You know exactly of whom I speak. Whether you’re married, dating, or single, we all know that our cats take precedence over, well, pretty much everything. So why not spend ol’ Saint Valentine’s Day with your furry one and only? (Yup – you knew exactly where I was going with this. I’m so proud of you.)

Crack Open Some Wine

Listen, I can feel myself constantly teetering on the edge of that sweet, sweet Wine Mom life. I am one choppy haircut away from buying a “rustic” wooden wall hanging that says “FAMILY”, okay? I’m about to invest in an entire set of chardonnay glasses that have witty vinyl wrappings on them, and start wearing shirts that say “Keep Calm And Drink More Wine!” every day for the rest of my life. So you can imagine my elation at finding out that cat wine has made its way onto the market. You heard me right. It’s wine, for your cat. But this phenomenon doesn’t end with our fuzzy feline friends! Dog lovers can also get their hands on some specially-formulated wine, champagne, and even beer for their canine pals. And don’t worry – these products do not actually function as any of those lively spirits. These are super special renditions of some of our favorite alcoholic drinks tailored to our beloved pet’s nutritional needs. (And no, they don’t have any alcohol in them, either!

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Alcohol is super bad for pets. Please do not give your babies actual alcoholic drinks, and definitely don’t try to imbibe any of these pet-friendly wines for yourselves. You will not be pleased with the, uh… result.) While I know that some of us try to subsist on wine and wine alone, these drinks make awesome little novelty treats for your pets but are not suitable to replace your baby’s regular daily diet. So, for your big date with Mr. Fuzziwinks (better name, more realistic? Mr. Socks, mittens? Ect.), relax and share some delicious wine to set the tone for your big Valentine’s celebration.

Eat Gourmet

Since it’s a big day for you and your beloved Valentine, cook up something extra special for your baby bean. There’s nothing more purr-fectly romantic than a nice homemade meal! Some nice, fresh-cooked salmon for you, and some for her too. Why not? Go all out and serve your honey bun’s dinner in a fancy shmancy crystal glass, just like that Fancy Feast commercial from the 90s. Light some candles, set the ambience, and voila, you’ve got yourself a perfect dinner for two! Or three… or four… or seventeen. You know, depending on how many cats – I mean, Valentines – you have. Remember, make sure that your meal is cat-friendly.

Set The Mood With Mew-sic

In one of my past articles, I described the types of music that cats love to listen to. Yes, it’s true! Cats have a distinct preference in music. The right kind of tune can quickly put your cat in the mood for lots of affection and chin scritches – which will be offered in excess, of course, since this is Valentine’s Day afterall! With the lights down low, some soft kitty jams playing in the background, and delicious wine and food ready to be devoured by your furry date, your Valentine’s is all set!

Dinner And A Movie

Now that the main course of your meal is completed, what better way to follow up your romantic dinner than with a nice mew-vie at home? Make sure your film of choice is cat-related, of course. A few purr-fect picks (two “purr-fect” puns in one article, Dio? Wow. You’re on a roll, girl) would be  A Cat In Paris, The Aristocats, or Studio Ghibli’s The Cat Returns. Snuggle up with your precious dumpling and enjoy!

Sounds fun, right!? Honestly, why didn’t I think of this before? And now that you know how fun a date with your cat can be, you’ll never be without a Valentine! Or should I say, “Meowlentine”? Ha! Nailed it.


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