Valentine’s Day The Cat Lover’s Way

Valentine’s Day The Cat Lover’s Way

Well friends, most of the holiday season has come to an end, but we’ve  still got one more celebration on the horizon of these bleak winter months to look forward to. That’s right y’all – Valentine’s Day! Originally a Roman festival called “Lupercalia”, Valentine’s Day was instituted by Pope Gelasius, meant to celebrate none other than my dude Saint Valentine, who, as legend has it, loved to lounge on his heart-shaped bed while eating drug store brand chocolate and watching old 90s rom-coms. As such, we are obliged to honor the mysterious celebration of Eros in whatever ways we see fit. Personally, I find that watching alien conspiracy documentaries on the History Channel with my cats begrudgingly snuggled up against my face is the way to go, but maybe you want to do something a little… different. Maybe you’re paired up with a zealous cat-lover, or maybe you’re living life as a Crazy Cat Person the single way? Now worries, my starstruck lovebirds. I see you.

A Night Meowt

If you read my review of the Kawaii Kitty Cafe, you already know that I can’t say enough about it! It’s one of my personal favorite spots for a day on the town, and if your significant other is a cat lover, they’re bound to be just as infatuated as I was! Perfect for a Valentine’s brunch or post-dinner dessert, this place will keep any cat-lover’s heart beating like a DING DANG HUMMINGBIRD. You may also consider one of Philly’s other kitty-friendly hotspots, like Le Chat Cafe. If Philly is too far out of your way, you may try to find something similar closer to you! Cat cafes have been popping up at a delightful rate, so maybe this is a good excuse to find the one nearest you.

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Take A Trip To A Cat Boutique

If your search for cat cafes comes up null, just take your beloved to a “boutique” adoption center, where you can freely interact with the cats! As opposed to some places such as the SPCA, boutique adoption centers have rooms filled with people-friendly cats who are waiting to be loved and snuggled. Philly PAWS is a particularly excellent example of such a wonderous and magical place. Dinner and a movie? Why not dinner and KITTEN FUN TIME? Spice it up!

Actual Cat Heaven

Are these suggestions sounding a little too pedestrian so far? Are you trying to physically wow the veritable pants off of your other half? Three words, buddy: CAT. HEAVEN. ISLAND. If you’ve got the coin, take a trip to Tashirojima, Japan. It’s a small fishing island where stray cats just, like, EXIST, freaking everywhere, like they’ve got all the time in the world for belly rubs and tuna treats. Like they’re just waiting for you to lavish them with affection and praise. CAT HEAVEN ISLAND, MY GUY. That’s where the party’s at. I mean, sweet lord, could you just? Like? Imagine? I’m short of breath just picturing it. I need a break. I need some water. Sweet Jesus.

Bed, Breakfast, & Cats

Alright friends, I’m back, and I’m rehydrated. So, maybe Japan is a little out of your budget. Not to worry. For many of us, it is but a distant dream. However! Another viable spot for you and your boo on this blessed holiday is a whimsical bed & breakfast called Cat Mountain Lodge. This beautiful vintage-style ranch is located in bucolic Tucson, Arizona, and, best of all, it’s entirely eco-friendly! But the real attraction is the name – dubbed “Cat Mountain” due to the high possibility of hikers spotting a bobcat or a mountain lion in it’s natural habitat. What better way for a cat-lover to spend their Valentine’s Day than seeing wild kitties!

Me, You, And The Zoo

Speaking of wild kitties, the last place on our list is none other than your local zoo. And don’t worry, if the weather’s too inclement for that, then remember: gifting a loved one with a yearly pass instead can mean a lot to a cat-lover! A day trip to the zoo amongst the big cats is always romantic, no matter when you go! There’s nothing like enjoying the rare opportunity to see big baby beans up close and personal, and the cat-lover in your life will surely agree.

So go forth, my fellow cat aficionados! Whether you’re single or partnered up, all of these places are an absolute joy to visit. Afterall, what could be better than spending Valentine’s Day with the true loves of our lives? CATS.

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