Fantastic Feline Facebook Groups You Should Follow

Fantastic Feline Facebook Groups You Should Follow

If you just can’t get enough of those obscenely cute kitty pics floating around the universe, I’ve got great news; the internet pretty much runs on pictures of cats, and there is no shortage of ways to absorb them. Facebook is no exception to this rule, thankfully. Because yes, Facebook is mostly filled with pictures of babies belonging to that girl from high school you can’t stand, groan-worthy memes featuring anyone of the Minions characters, and an overwhelming amount of Lularoe group invites that you are never going to accept because really, you already have so many leggings.

But it’s okay! There is one redeeming quality about Facebook! Though it is a virulent cesspool [read: glorious spring] of wine mom culture, it also is a resource for (drum roll please): CAT STUFF. So just unfollow Becky Smith and let her keep posting pictures of her 18 million babies. It’s fine. You’re here for the good stuff.

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Unlike Trainspotting (starring Ewan McGregor), Catspotting is a wholesome activity that involves almost NO hallucinations of babies crawling on ceilings. Virtually none, in fact! The Catspotting Society is dedicated to discussing all things cat-related, and, of course, showing off your feline companion to fellow cat enthusiasts. Anything goes as long as it has to do with cats! (No trolling or self-promo, though. Keep it clean, y’all.) Are you a dog aficionado as well? Guess what, my dude: the Dogspotting Society is their sister group, and an absolute delight to peruse.

Tugboats & Loafs

So like, you know when your cat does that thing where he hides all his lil pawsies under his floof while he’s sitting? That, my friend, is called “tuggin”. He’s tugboatin’. Loafin’. Beep beep, woo woo! Tugboat express. And yes, there’s a Facebook group for that. Do you feel like the world needs to see your little breadloaf? This is the place to share! Tugboats and Bread loaves of all shapes and sizes are welcome, but ya gotta make sure they’re doin’ the thing. This is a group specifically designed for capturing those silly loafy moments, so make sure your pics are on topic and enjoy!

Temple Cats

On a more serious note; if you are local to Philadelphia, you may be aware of all the stray cats roaming around, specifically in the Temple area. For this reason, a Facebook group known as Temple Cats has emerged. Their mission statement is as follows: “Our mission is to provide info and support to help individuals trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return the many stray, discarded, lost, community cats that call Temple campus, and its environs, home.” As someone who has rescued numerous stray babies off the mean streets of Philly, I can say with assurance that this network of cat lovers is an awesome resource. If you’re local to the area or know any cat lovers who are, encourage them to join! Our strays need all the help and love they can get!

Cats And Metal

For something completely different, here’s a niche group for ya: Metalheads Who Love Cats. Simple, right? Love cats? Love metal? It’s like this group was tailored specifically for you! In order to join, all you gotta do is answer two simple questions: what’s your favorite metal band? And, how many cats do you own? Though we all know no one really “owns” cats – more like, we are lucky enough that they have chosen to tolerate our presence. (Just kidding, they love us and we know it!) Still can’t get enough cats and/or metal? Then check out the Brutal Kittens Group for some equally adorable kitty carnage that Ronnie James Dio (my namesake, obviously) would be proud of. (Oh yeah, P.S., Dio totally had a cat. Here’s a clip of him and his furbaby from the DVD entitled Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey.)

Cat Tummies

That’s it. That’s all. That’s the beginning and end of everything we’ve ever needed. Cat tummies. Feeling blue? Need a pick-me-up after a hard day at the office (or whatever it is people say)? This Facebook group has you set for life. A simple exchange of picture of cat tummies. Big tummies. Little tummies. Fuzzy tums. Kitten tums. Every variety of cat tummy can be found here, to behold and admire. You. Are. Welcome.

There ya have it, folks. A splendid abundance of cat groups to feed your insatiable thirst for cuteness! If you know of any other furr-filled kitty Facebook groups, feel free to drop them in the comments!

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