The Lap Of Luxury: Extravagant Pet Services For Your Cat

The Lap Of Luxury: Extravagant Pet Services For Your Cat

As cat-parents, we are always thinking of how we can improve the lives of our beloved kitty companions. We often consider the needs of our pets above our own. Like, yeah, I could order delivery tonight instead of eating that $1 box of mac & cheese I bought 3 years ago, or I could put that money into savings so that I can finally get Marzipan that $300 cat tree I’ve had in my Amazon shopping cart for a month. You know how it is.

Well, for those of you out there who are constantly on the prowl (heh) for the latest and greatest in feline life-enhancements, there is no shortage of luxury services that are available – if you’ve got the means. No my friends, these pet services we’re about to investigate are not for those who have to ask “how much?”, for as you know, if you gotta ask, you can’t afford it. (Cue distant crying in the background). Phew. Alright. Shall we?

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Paw-rty Hard

To start things off right, let’s talk pet parties. What’s a pet party, you ask? Oh, you poor, ignorant plebeian. Everyone knows a pet party is… a party… you throw for, uh… your pet. Duh. As some of you may know, I often moonlight as a Princess-for-hire for children’s birthdays, but ho boy would I just die if I were ever hired to attend a birthday party for someone’s precious, beloved baby cat. And as it turns out, THAT’S A THING!

Still confused? I know, it’s a lot to take in, but over at Hollywood Pet Parties in Los Angeles, California, they’re making Fluffy’s big day their priority, and no detail is overlooked when it comes to celebrating your pet’s birthday in Tinsel Town. You can order everything from specialized catering (yes, for humans AND pets alike), caricatures, grooming services, games for the guest of honor and his or her four-legged friends, and musical entertainment.

But hold the phone, y’all – their services aren’t limited to just birthdays. Do you want to include your best and furriest friend in your wedding ceremony, too? Because heck yeah, you totally can! And they’ve got you covered. Better yet, wanna officially/unofficially have your pets marry? It’s 2017, and it’s LA, so you know what? Go for it.

I’m not going to sit here and act like I didn’t marry my cats, Danger and Marzipan, in holy meowtrimony back in The Year of Our Lord, 2012 in the most beautiful wedding ceremony this world has ever seen. There was cake. And a chuppah. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

Welcome To Paw-radise

Okay, okay, I know, a lotta paw-puns flying around, but just bear with me. If you’re local to Woodinville, WA, you can take your beloved furbaby to Paradise Pet Lodge for a full day of incomparable luxury. This animals-only spa offers everything from grooming, to hydrotherapy (known better to us normal folk as “swim therapy”), to “healing touch” sessions, which comes with the optional use of essential oils for aromatherapy. If you’re one to prioritize the wellbeing of your pet over your own (and I mean, let’s just go ahead and admit that that’s pretty much the case for all pet owners), this is certainly the place to do it.

Not close enough to Washington state to justify making the trip? No need to worry! Lucky for you, the pet spa industry is booming. A simple Google search will be sure to yield an assortment of different options that are local to you, and maybe, just maybe, within your price range as well! One can dream, right?

Fit For a Kitty King (or Queen)

Are you away from home a lot, planning a vacation, or otherwise in need of a place to keep your sweet pumpkin for a while? Worry not! Boarding kennels for both cats and dogs have been a “thing” for a while, but the Hotel Cat in Hampshire, England, is bumping it up a notch.

The Hotel Cat is a cats-only boarding facility that treats its kitty patrons like literal royalty. They provide fresh salmon meals, king-sized beds, playrooms, and access to any one of the many flat-screen televisions on site, which feature “cat-friendly” viewing material. Yes – I’m serious. For the pittance of approximately $300 a week, Miss Fuzzybottom can live in the lap of luxury while you’re staying at a Motel 6 somewhere at the beach for your vaycay. Priorities!

Canine Massage

Alrighty, last but not least, here’s one for all my dog-lovers out there. Apparently, canine massages are totally an option, and well worth it, too! If you’ve got an anxious or finicky pup, getting her massage therapy can help her to relax, and can even help with behavioral issues such as aggression.

Additionally, canine massages can help with a dog’s physical health as well. Massages allow for better circulation of fluids such as blood, saliva, and spinal fluid. All of these add up to one gratefully furbaby! While it may be considered a luxury, canine massages can greatly increase your dog’s quality of life, and ensure that your furry friend is getting the most out of her experience as your pet.

Now the only question is, when are cat massages gonna be a thing, eh? Is that a thing? A thing we can make happen one day? Who knows! All in all, it’s comforting to know how many pet services exist out there in the world, and all of this has certainly given me a new savings purpose, that’s for sure.

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