Why Every Office Needs A Cat

Why Every Office Needs A Cat

You know one of the best things about working from a home office? You’d think it’d be working in pajamas or the really good snacks always being mine-all-mine, but you’d be wrong. Or maybe, dear readers of Front Page Meews, you would get it right – because the best thing about working from a home office is hanging out with my cats all day. I mean, sure, they forcibly separate me from my keyboard sometimes, but we all need breaks. (Cats are amazingly devout when it comes to honoring break times. Especially my calico Rey who lets me know when it’s time to throw the crinkle toy rather than type.)

Rey demanding attention

If you work in a traditional office, though, you’re probably squinting at my words with peeved brows. Sure, I get to hang out with cats in my home office, but that’d never fly in your office-office. And, well, maybe that’s true; but let’s not be too hasty! There are workplaces out there that are coming around to the idea of pets at the office – and with good reason.

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Cats can reduce stress. I’m sure we know all this, but make sure your coworkers do, too: cats have been known to decrease stress and anxiety in people. Cuddles, purring, and even play are positive interactions that soothe the stressed soul.

Reduced stress improves productivity. You know how work can make you stressed, and then the stress makes it harder to work so then you get more stressed and then you’re drowning in work you’re too stressed to do? What if you just headed all that off at the pass, took a break to pet a cat, and then got back to work with a clearer head?

Cats bring people together. There’s nothing like cute animals to bring people together for positive people interactions that boost daily happiness. We do it over the Internet all the time; what it we could stand together in person and have an adorable kitty help break the ice so we can build something with our coworkers?

Cats improve morale. When you add together stress reduction, improved productivity, and people gelling in the workplace, you know what you get? A happy, healthy workplace – and at the heart of it all, a feline mastermind getting all the attention they desire.

Just check out these examples:


The Ferray Corporation is a Japanese IT company in Tokyo, who simultaneously helped some local homeless kitties and improved worker morale through the adoption of NINE cats. That’s right! Ferray’s CEO, Hidenobu Fukuda, started allowing employees to bring cats to work nearly two decades ago and also gives a monthly bonus to employees who adopt a cat of their own. In addition, their offices provide a home to the abovementioned nine felines, whose playful or serene presence helps keep stress levels down and improves overall productivity. In various interviews, the company’s spokesperson has admitted they’ve had to deal with some shredded copier paper and a business conference call or two getting cut off by an errant feline paw – but the benefits reaped from a happier workforce cannot be denied.


Carlos 32917And, of course, there’s PetNovations’ own Carlos who keeps everyone on task – whether that task is getting firsthand demonstrations of the CatGenie or simply giving Carlos his due attention! (His due attention is ALL of the attention, FYI.) Carlos doesn’t technically live at the office – his mom (Melissa in Customer Service) brings him into work every day for the traditional 9-to-5. He loves their daily commute, and loves all the attention he gets going about his daily routine even more. “He also makes a great assistant for me in the marketing department,” Avery added. “We feature him on our social media accounts, Christmas cards, product photos, etc.” Carlos is the very model of a modern office kitty!


In the offices of the Doña Ana County government, there is a cat library. (Two of my all-time faves in on concept? Now I’m jealous!) Thanks to the county’s head of PR, the local animal shelter is allowed to bring a selection of cats to the office where they stay in a room kitted out with toys and a cat condo. Employees can visit the cats during the day: there’s a space to sit in the “Kitty Kondo,” or they can check out a cat and take them back to their desks. Besides all those nifty office benefits we mentioned above, these shelter cats get some extra attention (many of them are special needs, in some way) and even find forever homes with the office’s employees. Brilliant!


I know you’re ready for an office cat of your own, so strategically share a few of these facts and examples at your next staff meeting. (Couldn’t hurt, right?) Cats can even bring viral attention to good causes and keep vermin down if necessary. They’re practical as well as cute; cats are multi-talented like that. And for those of you already hanging with an office cat, share pics in the comments!

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