Spook-tastic Cat Names For Halloween

Spook-tastic Cat Names For Halloween

With cats being one of the spookiest (and, obviously, best) mascots of Halloween, what better time of year than All Hallow’s Eve to bring a new baby kitty bean into your family? As someone born on Dias de los Muertos, I might be a little biased in thinking so, but consider one major benefit: the opportunity for a spook-tacular kitty name! You may remember my past article on all the different ways you can choose a name for your cat, but with Halloween just around the corner, you may like the idea of reflecting the festivities in your new kitty’s name.  And truly, well all know that every witch needs a furry four-legged familiar with a suitably scary name!

Classic Kitty Names

First, let’s discuss some classic Halloween cult-favorites. Every connoisseur of all things sinister has seen Hocus Pocus at least a million times, right? Come little children I’ll taaake thee away, into a laaand of SOME SICK AND SPOOKY HONORIFICS, Y’ALL. We all agree that Thackery Binx was 100% more loveable in his feline form (sorry, Sean Murray, it’s just, you’re not a cat is all), so why not let your new little fuzzbabe try the name Binx on for size? Jinx? Hex? Vex? All top-notch witchy names for a wee little newly sprouted pumpkin baby! If you’re bringing home a set of three little beebs (you lucky witch, you!) consider naming them after our beloved matrons of terror, the Sanderson sisters.

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Since we’re talking Halloween-centric cinema, we can’t simply ignore the obvious staple of spook season: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Got a trio of kittens on your hands? Bam. Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Do you prefer Tim Burton’s veritable cornucopia of fantastic fantasy films? Why not “turn on the juice and see what shakes loose” with a name like… Beetlejuice?

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Got two babies in tow? Jeepers and Creepers! Jeckyll and Hyde! Freddy and Jason! Pit and Pendulum! Dusk and Dawn! I could do this all day!

Veterans Of Horror

If you’ve got a predilection for cats with human names, don’t worry! There are plenty of superbly haunting human names for you to choose from within the Halloween theme. Names like Vincent Price, Elvira, or Bela Lugosi are some splendid, real-life options for your new honeybun. Prefer the fictional route? Though Ichabod Crane didn’t fare well in Sleepy Hollow, a kitty with his namesake will fit right in with the fall festivities. Chucky, Ghostface, Count Orlok, and Jigsaw are a fearsome foursome of frightening antagonists, but who could resist giving all the cuddles to such a sweet kitty with such an adorably spooky name?

Not really vibing on human names? How about something like Nosferatu, Poltergeist, Suspiria, or Omen? Horror movies are an excellent resource for choosing a bone-chilling name for your baby! If you celebrate the Mexican tradition of Dias de los Muertos, think on a name like Muerte, Luna, Calavera, or Marigold.

Something Simple

If these names are a little too over-the-top or specific for ya, you can always go the way of subtlety. Everyone loves a little orange tabby babe named Pumpkin. I mean, it’s a solid name, and also my two favorite things put together, so really, there’s no way anyone can’t love it, right? Like, you’re an orange cat, and your name is Pumpkin, that’s literally perfect and adorable and I am 100% here for that.

Are you super into the whole “cats who look like the thing they’re named after” jive? A name like Boo or Casper is purr-fect for an all-white “friendly ghost” cat. Names like Midnight, Onyx, Raven, and Noir are great for a jet-black kitty as well.

Similarly, a sweet and simple name like Poe (as in, Edgar Allan. Ahh. You get it) is a precious name for a precious baby – understated yet fitting! If you’re like me and you watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch religiously, you might consider honoring one of the greatest feline TV personalities of all time – Salem Saberhagen! Admit it, every single year when Trick-or-Treating is over and you’re left with 5 pounds of mini Milky Way bars, there’s no one you relate to more than good ol’ Salem.

Always remember, getting a new addition to the family is great! But getting a cat *just* because it’s Halloween is probably not such a great idea. Animals require work, commitment, and love, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, whether you’re bringing home a wee kitten or adopting a full-grown cat from a shelter. Happy Halloween, and enjoy the thrills and chills with your new little kitty bean!

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