Acupuncture For Your Cat? How Holistic Care Can Help Kitty

Acupuncture For Your Cat? How Holistic Care Can Help Kitty

Out here in LA, self-care is synonymous with simply calling yourself a Californian. That standard is extended to our pets, who receive the benefits of organic crunchies, filtered water and regular visits to the psychic. While most cats are meticulous groomers, love their z’s and aren’t shy about demanding their personal space, did you know that they love a good massage and will even sit still long enough for an acupuncture session? Read on to find out how these unique holistic treatments will have long-term benefits for your cat.

Kitty Acupuncture?

While no one likes the idea of sitting still with a multitude of needles inserted into various points on the body, cats are the least likely fans of this type of treatment. However, acupuncture has been known to benefit the following issues:

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  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Digestive Issues
  • Kidney, liver or skin problems

Just like the occasional miracle story, pet owners have told stories of bringing their pets back from the brink of death through healthy diets, regular veterinary care and acupuncture.

This holistic approach follows years of a health movement in the west toward wellness versus treating disease. Treatment ranges from $25 to $120 per session, and can be conducted within the comfort of home or along with other in-office veterinary treatments.

Acupuncture stimulates the release of the body’s own pain relief by improving blood flow, oxygenation and removal of metabolic wastes and toxins. The body heals itself by correcting energy imbalances.

The hope is that our beloved kitties will no longer have to suffer through expensive treatments and medications with this integrative medicine. So, just how do you get your frisky feline to tolerate this treatment? Start by creating a very relaxing, stress-free environment. In fact, you can de-stress kitty through another therapeutic treatment: massage therapy.

Knead It Out: Pet Massage

A long day of napping, bird-watching and eating snacks can wear out any gato. Massage therapy is a popular treatment ideal for most cats. This treatment can range from you giving your number one a simple massage all the way to a certified professional making house calls.

Either way, massage therapy provides cats with numerous benefits. Aside from stimulating organs, oxygenation and blood flow, cats with extreme anxiety find immediate relief in the power of touch, especially when tight muscles are targeted. Your furry feline’s range of motion will be enhanced, as will their body’s ability to flush away unhealthy toxins.

What is little known about this treatment are its effects on behavior. Massage therapy is known to alleviate symptoms of depression and reduce stress hormones. Studies show that shelter animals benefit highly from even 3-5 minutes of massage therapy, and are more likely to get adopted due to their relaxed and personable demeanor.

While not as expensive as their human counterpart massages, treatments for cats range from $30 to $50. If you’re not up to this, try giving your cat a massage yourself. They will likely respond to your familiar smell and relax more easily.\

Talk to Your Vet About Holistic Health

The next time you’re at the vet’s office, discuss the benefits of holistic and integrative medicine. These treatments are often less expensive than the more invasive ones kitty doesn’t want to endure anyhow. As a rule of thumb, remember that animals are a lot like us. With healthy environments, diets, play, regular veterinary visits, and lots of love, they will flourish!

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  1. You have probably heard of acupuncture for humans, but the ancient Chinese therapy is growing in popularity among pet owners too as a holistic supplement to traditional veterinary care.

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