How A Cat Tree Can Save Your Sanity

How A Cat Tree Can Save Your Sanity

How a cat tree can improve your cat’s well being and your sanity.

Cats view their world on both the ground level and a higher vertical level, called vertical territory. Your cat loves to tower over you because they know they are the boss and you are the fateful human minion. Your cat’s need for extra space is natural, even if the thought of them spying on you from a crevice all day is a bit…creepy.  Anyway, you can give them the space they want without letting them outdoors, even if you live in a small apartment. I give you your answer,  a cat tree! Because it is always easier to put a tree-like object in your home, then rescue your cat from a real tree outside.  A cat tree can come in many forms.  See that old bookcase in the corner, cat tree! Have a window with a sill? Cat tree! You get my point. Here are some reasons you should give your kitty a cat tree.

Peace in Multi-Cat Household

Having more than one cat in your household can lead to tension and stress if your cats are constantly battling over territory. That means lots of screaming, separating and stress for you too. Adding a higher level will give your cats more territorial space, allowing both cats to live peacefully together (in theory).  A cat tree with multiple perches allows cat’s who can’t stand to be within 5 feet of each other, to sit near each other on different levels.  The assertive cat can claim the higher perch, while the timid cat can enjoy the tree at a lower level.  The head of the house will feel more comfortable and your cats will be less likely to fight.

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Cat relaxing in cat treeImage: Takashi Hososhima via Flickr

Security for a Timid Cat

If your cat is the paranoid, shy, type that hides under the sofa all day, try adding a cat tree.  Shy cats appreciate a cat tree because they have a better view of the space they are occupying (so they can creep.)  A higher vantage point makes your cat feel safe from a surprise attack they feel is always lurking around every corner. They will be more likely to hang out in common areas without feeling threatened. Cat’s who can see more of their surroundings are more relaxed. A cat tree will help bring out the best of your socially awkward kitty.

Safe Hiding Place

Introducing a cat to a new household with a dog or small a child can be stress inducing, to say the least. A cat tree can be a great way of providing your cat with an escape route if things get too overwhelming.  Being able to run and hid from an obnoxious, drooling dog or child will allow the cat to feel safe in a chaotic environment. (do they make human trees?)

Added Stimulation

Indoor cats benefit from having a perch to climb and play on.  If you can, place the cat tree in front of a window (aka. cat TV).  This will allow kitty to watch the great out doors.  Cat trees can also double as large scratching posts and sometimes come with attached dangle toys and other fun stuff your cat will love. A cat tree can be another fun toy to incorporate into your cat’s routine.

Reduce Mischievous Behavior

Cats need a lot of exciting stuff to do and look at or they will get bored and destroy all your stuff. Trust me that leather coach won’t stand a chance. So why risk it! A cat tree is a great place for your cat to scratch and practice his hid and pounce without getting into trouble.


How do you use cat trees and vertical territory in your home? Have adding cat trees reduced stress between your cats? Share your stories in the comments below!

Cover Image: Kent Wang via Flickr




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