Running a CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cycle: Video

Running a CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cycle: Video

We are here to answer some frequently asked questions about the CatGenie 120 maintenance cycle.  Running a quarterly maintenance cycle on your CatGenie is an easy way to extend the life of your unit and prevent deposits from building up. We recommend all our customers run them, so here are some tips to ensure it is simple and easy.

What is a CatGenie Maintenance Cycle/Why should I run one?

We recommend customers use a Maintenance Cartridge on their CatGenie quarterly.  One maintenance cartridge has four washes, enough washes for one year’s use. The maintenance cartridge is designed to rid your CatGenie of any lime and grime deposits, preventing clogs and other issues. It is not, however, designed to clean the CatGenie.  Running a maintenance cycle will not replace the annual cleanings a CatGenie needs. Taking apart and cleaning the CatGenie, including the hopper, should be done twice a year (we have a helpful video for that too!). Running a maintenance cycle is especially important for those customers who use well water or know they have hard water.  Notice lime deposits in your shower or sink? You should definitely be running a maintenance cycle to prevent those deposits from clogging your unit.

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When using the Maintenance Cartridge you will notice the maintenance cycle looks different than a typical SaniSolution cycle in a few ways.  For one, there is NO scooping during a maintenance cycle.  Therefore, it is really important to run a normal cycle FIRST if you notice any waste in the CatGenie before running a maintenance cycle.  Secondly, the maintenance cycle is longer.  It takes about an one hour to complete. So be sure to run it at a time that won’t inconvenience you or your cat. Once the maintenance cycle is complete, you need to remove the cartridge and replace it with a regular SaniSolution cartridge and reprogram your unit.

Check out our Video of the CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cycle!

For all the step by step instructions and a visual of the cycle, check out the video we made! Have unanswered questions? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Joan Lightkep

    Newsletter is a fabulous idea. Especially appreciate all the videos. As a widower getting up there in years, adopting two rescue cats to love and care for was perfect therapy for the loss of my husband after over 50 years. I was also blessed with a marvelous son-in-law who installed the CatGenie for me. I gave my Master Bath to Callie and Midnight while I took over the smaller bathroom. All my family now appreciates my decision to believe in your product. I sing it’s praises to everyone I know. Many thanks!

  2. I used mine once and it worked. When I attempted to use it for the 2nd time nothing happens. The machine beeps for about a minute and the low/empty cartridge light just flashes. As I previously stated, the cartridge has been used only once and there is plenty of fluid left. This is the 2nd time that this has happened.

    • I’m sorry to hear your having an issue with your maintenance cartridge. Please call customer service at 888-735-3927 the next time you are home with your CatGenie so we can trouble shoot. We are available M-F 9am-10pm EST and weekends 10am-8pm.

  3. I rescued my girly kitty her name is Angie, Thanks for the video. I have 2 cat genie machines for her and this video helped me understand how to use the maintenance for the cat genie machine. Cat Genie is the best😊😊

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