How to Assemble the CatGenie Genie Dome and Door

How to Assemble the CatGenie Genie Dome and Door

Adding accessories to your CatGenie can be a great way to reduce Washable Granules tracking, give your cat some much needed privacy, or make your CatGenie look even sleeker. We have four different accessories, the Genie Door, Genie Dome, Genie SideWalls and Genie Paws Mat.ย  All CatGenie accessories are made from the same strong, durable plastic as the CatGenie and will are designed to fit on your unit no matter what model you own.

We sometimes get calls from customers saying their Genie Door does not fit their unit or their Genie Dome will not snap together. So we wanted to create a video to show you step by step, the best, simplest way to put together both the Genie Door and Dome.

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It’s important to note that the accessories need a bit of force to come together. This is because they are designed, once they are put together, to stay together when you cat goes in and out of the CatGenie. (Even if your cat climbs all over their CatGenie like our buddy Carlos.)

Check out how to video for the step by step process.

*Tip: When assembling the Genie Dome, avoid putting it together on a hard material like wooden floor or bathroom tile.ย  Use a rug or bath mat if available to prevent scratching the top of the dome.

CatGenie How To Video: Genie Dome + Genie Door Assembly

The Genie Dome comes with the sidewalls.ย  The sidewalls fit together in the front and are simply placed the existing walls of the CatGenie.

Also note the Genie Door needs to be fitted snugly to the top of the Genie Dome.ย  There should be no space between the dome and the Genie Door.

Genie Door

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Let us know if we left anything out! If you would like to see a video of the sidewalls assembly, or request another how to video please leave a comment below.




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