Ask Carlos: My 14 Year Old Cat is Not Using Her CatGenie

Ask Carlos: My 14 Year Old Cat is Not Using Her CatGenie

Dear Carlos,

My cat is 14 and we use the Catgenie cat box, but my cat is having bowel movements & sometime urine outside of the box at least 3-5 times a week. I can understand if she has to go while the box is cleaning itself, but that is not the case often. She is seen regularly by a Vet and I am told she is healthy for her age. What would you suggest?

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I’m sorry to hear you kitty is having an issue. But it’s awesome to hear at the age of 14 she is in good health!  Like the humans say, 14 is the new 4.  Am I right? Anyway, this case is a bit tricky because there are so many factors to consider.  But here are some things you should look into and try.

If she had to go while the CatGenie is running, I would say try setting your unit to Cat Activation on a ten minute delay to increase the chances of having a clean CatGenie every time. But you already said this is not an issue for her so…

It could also be a technical problem.  CatGenie Washable Granules should always be bone dry after a cycle.  Even the slightest bit of moister left in the bowl can deter her from using the CatGenie.  You may want to reach out to our humans at customer support (888-735-3927) to do a simple test over the phone to check your dryer.

Finally, when was the last time her CatGenie was cleaned? After several months the inner workings of the CatGenie get dirty.  You might not be able to smell it but my nose is 40 times stronger than a humans, so I have them clean my CatGenie every 6 months. My CatGenie smells fantastic but if it gets too dirty I may not want to use it.

Try these things and remember, the humans at customer support are available 7 days a week to help you over the phone. Hope this helps!



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