Ask Carlos: Moving Your CatGenie

Ask Carlos: Moving Your CatGenie

Dear Carlos,

Harley-kitteh and I are moving to a new apartment soon.
How can I make the transition easy for her? What’s the easiest way to move her CatGenie without causing a mess?

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Thank you.
Owner of a CatGenie for 5 years.

Hi Nicole + Harley,

Moving Harley’s CatGenie is actually easy but be prepared for a few accidents if it is a big move! My humans do it alllll the time because I love to travel and sometimes I get confused but eventually I figure it out. So, I will give you this from experience.    Let me break it down for ya.

Honestly, moving a dirty CatGenie is no fun.  I recommend using the moving process as an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of the unit.  (Our human made a video with step by step instructions)  Also it makes it easier on Harley if you’re moving your CatGenie from a bathroom to a bathroom or laundry room to laundry room vs. a bathroom to a laundry room. You know?  It might be a whole new apartment, but she’s smart enough to know a bathroom when she’s in one and will assume her CatGenie is near by.

Try to make the CatGenie one of the last things you pack up and the first thing you bring into the new apartment. (Obviously so Harley can use the toilet after the journey) but also to make her feel more at home.  Smells are important to us.  For some weird reason having familiar things that smell like us make us feel happy/safe.  The same goes for the rest of her mouses, balls, scratchers, beds etc.

To make sure Harley gets to her new home safe and sound, keep her in a closed off space during the moving process.  And Harley, try not to get in the way.  Your human might seem like they are having crazy time but they will NOT leave you behind, I promise (you can always make a lot noise to remind them you’re ready to go).  Once you arrive set her up in a space with all her toys until the house is ready for the best part of any move, EXPLORING.  Show her were all this stuff is and give her a treat.  Because let’s be honest, she deserves one…or five. Make sure you remind the human when it’s dinner time because moving is stressful but now at least moving the CatGenie wont be.

Hope this helps!



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