CatGenie Setup: Do’s and Don’ts

CatGenie Setup: Do’s and Don’ts

First off congratulations on your new CatGenie! Welcome to world of never touching cat litter!

Your new CatGenie has arrived, and you’ve opened the box and read through the setup guide.  Now you’re ready to start putting the unit together but WAIT.  We compiled a short list of Do’s and Don’ts for your CatGenie setup, based on the mistakes we see new owners make the most. And don’t worry, whether you’re using the bathroom or the laundry room, we got you covered.  Please take a second to read over these before completing your setup and pressing the start button.

Do: Use the Hook, Only for a Bathroom Setup!

If you are using the bathroom setup, secure the hook to the end of the drain hose and hook it over the toilet seat.  DO NOT use the hook if you are using a laundry room setup.  Very important.

*Pro Tip – If you’re using a bathroom setup, refrain from sitting on the toilet seat while the unit is running a cycle. Adding weight to the hook can prevent the waste from draining into the toilet.

Do: Place the Scrubber Correctly

The scrubber should move freely under the bowl.  DO NOT hook the scrubber around the bowl mount or anything else for that matter.  Just place it in the bowl, with the little legs facing up. Like this…

Scrubber (002) 1

Do: Use the Genie Ball

The Genie Ball is designed to help break up waste as it enters the hopper.  After you have assembled your CatGenie, simply drop the Genie Ball into the opening at the top of the hopper. If the cat decided to use the Genie Ball as a toy while you weren’t looking, no worries, to order a replacement call customer support at 888-735-3927.

Genie Ball in Hopper

Don’t: Cut the Drain Hose!

Because the drain hose is attached to the base, we do not recommend cutting the hose to make it shorter.  Shortening the drain hose can cause problems if you ever want to move the CatGenie to a new location or if you cut too much off.  If you have extra hose, coil the remainder under the base or behind the unit.

Do: Add a Bump in the Drain Hose

When setting up your CatGenie in the laundry room, add a small bump in the hose if you notice any extra hose laying on the floor between the unit and washing machine drain. The extra bump can help if you are experiencing slow fill times or an error 2.

bump in the hose

Don’t: Make the CatGenie Hard to Access

When you’re installing the CatGenie, keep in mind that you should be able to easily access the entire unit for your annual cleanings or maintenance.  This includes reaching/detaching the drain hose. The CatGenie is designed to be assembled without a plumber, but if you need to use one, make sure they have a copy of the manual to reference and understand that you will need to be able to dissemble and reassemble the unit without their help in the future.

Do: Double Check the Water is Turned ALL the Way On

I know, seems silly.  But it’s easy to turn the knob and not realize the water is not all the way on.  So double check.  It may still run but you could end up with an error 2 because the water pressure is not meeting the requirements to completely fill the bowl.














  1. Curious about the stern instruction not to use the hook with a laundry drain. I am forced to use the hook because the hose does not fit in the laundry drain along side the washer hose otherwise. I have been using it this way for over a year with no problems.

    • Hi Damon, good question! To fit the two drains, we recommend using a PVC Wye fitter instead of the hook. The wye fitter should allow both drains to fit securely in the laundry drain without the risk of drain issues.

  2. We have had the unit for over four years and on at least three separate occasions during the past six months, our cat urinated in our laundry basket on top of our clothes! The unit was clean and working properly. We changed from scented to unscented sani solution and he still will pee on the clothes. Any suggestions? Nothing has changed in the way of location or operation or the level of granules.

    • Hi Carole, I’m sorry to hear your having issues with your Cat not using his CatGenie. Sometimes urinating outside the box can be a sign of an underlying health issue. Side note: I had the exact same issue with my male cat (he peed in my hamper) and a trip to the vet revealed he has Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) Now he’s on special food and (knock on wood) has not had any more accidents.

      Just to double check, we can make sure your Washable Granules are drying all the way. Sometimes if Washable Granules are the slightest bit damp, the cat will choose to go else where. If you call customer service at 888-735-3927, we can help trouble shoot your CatGenie.

  3. Might you give specific details about the “Wye.” I’m no plumber!

  4. Sascha kosloff

    This may have been asked a few times but I recently bought a cat genie. 2 of the cats were fine with it until they saw it cleaning. Now they r so scared of it. I don’t know what to do. I bought it because I’m disabled and I find it very difficult to clean litter boxes each day. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

    • Hi Sascha, I’m so sorry to hear that. The CatGenie is not scary, it’s just your cat’s old litter box didn’t move or make noise and now their new one does. That is why we recommend not running a cycle around the cats until they are comfortable with the CatGenie. Now you have to work to build their trust again. You can start making the CatGenie a safe space by petting, praising and encouraging your cats to explore the CatGenie. You can try playing with them in the room with the CatGenie too. Also make sure you run the unit only on manual mode when the cats are not around until they get used to it. Eventually they will start to associate the sound with a clean litter box.

  5. Janet Martino

    I have using a CatGenie practically since it 1st came out. I now have 2 large long-haired cats, and even though I brush them regularly, every 3-5 weeks, I find that the CG is getting clogged from their hair. When I pull out the hopper to clean it, I find the hair wound all around the impeller rod. The teeth at the bottom of the hopper aren’t sufficient to deal with this hair. Please keep this in mind as you consider design changes on future models. This is the only trouble I ever have with the CG. If you like, I have pictures of what it all looks like.

  6. I have had my cat genie for almost 2 years no problem a couple of nights ago it started making a loud popping noise when scooping the litter. It stops during the wash cycle then it will pop again during drying. What is going on? Any suggestions to fix it?

    • Hi Julie, I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with your CatGenie. It’s possible Washable Granules are getting stuck under the brim of the bowl, causing the pop sound when it rotates. Please give us a call at 888-735-3927 the next time you are home with your CatGenie so we can troubleshoot with you and find out for sure what’s going on.

  7. I’m considering buying a CatGenie for use in my laundry room. Is it possible to add an extension to the water supply and drain hoses? It seems like extending the water supply would not cause an issue. But my concern would be whether it would drain properly if the drain line were extended somehow.

    • Hi Julie, The CatGenie fresh water intake hose can be extended due to its universal 3/4″ connection to the processing unit. Any pressurized water hose of good quality can be substituted for our intake hose. Please note that we do not warranty the aftermarket hose you’ve selected to replace our OEM hose.

      Unfortunately, the drain hose is sealed onto our CatGenie base and cannot be extended. Our pump motor is only rated to pump the length of the included hose (9 ft.); adding an extension could cause for a loss of draining performance.

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